Tabs in two or more Rows (like TabMixPro) in Quantum?

Just upgraded to Quantum. Now i miss a (for me) very important function:

Is it possible to show all open Tabs in more than one row. In TabMixPlus (in the old version) it was possible to make a second or third row to display all open Tabs. Now i have to scroll left and right to find my Tabs. And i have very much Tabs in the background opened…

Anyone an idea how to configure or is there any Add-on that will work like TabMixPro (or will Tab Mix Pro come again under Quantum?)

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Have to abandon Firefox without this function of Tabs in many rows. Any help?

@andreip created a vimeo video covering how to achieve this in Firefox Quantum:


It’s not easy to realize it, but it works
Thank you for your work and the description video.

The github link to that css tweak seems to have disappeared… Do you still have the file? :sweat:

The file mentioned in the video description is still present:


Oh… so it is… Thank you…

I was looking at the list at

Drag-and-dropping tabs doesn’t work so well, though, when moving between rows…

Thank you for the video. (And also to Frank Sheiness, who wrote the steps. It was easier for me to follow in writing… :blush:)

I have several pinned tabs. When doing your mod the tab rows are all left aligned after the last pinned tab. Any ideas to have the regular tabs wrap all the way to the left of the browser screen? (Or start on the row below the pinned tabs and wrap all the way across the browser screen?)

Kind thanks in advance.

Just restart your browser. It should be fixed. At least that’s what I experienced.

Great fix, worked like a charm! congrats and thank you, Martin.
Do you have any solution to move tabs from top row to any row below it though? I can move (drag&drop) tabs in the top row with no issue, but cannot move them between rows at all…

Thanks a lot. Your links are very helpful. Hats off to your great work.

Also, just out of curiosity I wanted to know, what is the use of creating userChrome.css in the end when we have already pasted content in style editor?

Hi, this solution stopped working in FF58.

For new release, it’s needed to replace ‘.tabbrowser-tabs’ by ‘#tabbrowser-tabs’ (at 4 places)

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Thanks for the update!

Can you explain a little more, please? I don’t see ‘.tabbrowser-tabs’.

Go to about:support in FF, then by the ‘Profile Folder’ setting (about 8th from the top) click the ‘Open Folder’ button. Create the ‘chrome’ subfolder, if you don’t already have one. Inside that folder create a file called ‘userChrome.css’, inside that file paste the text from

Update that text to replace ‘.tabbrowser-tabs’ with ‘#tabbrowser-tabs’. I didn’t have to worry about the ‘.tabbrowser-tab’ entries, it still seemed to work.

Restart FF and you should have multi row tabs


Sorted, thanks.

Mozzie needs to set multi row tabs as default or at least a option. Scrolling though tabs is awful. That and a run/open download option.

Thank you so much for easy instructions. Worked perfect for me.

I made a version which works much better for me - in which all tabs are smaller and not expanded on the last row. Instructions;

  1. Type about:support in url field of firefox, hit enter.
  2. On the ‘Profile Folder’ setting (about 8th from the top) click the ‘Open Folder’ button.
  3. Create the ‘chrome’ subfolder, if you don’t already have one.
  4. Inside that folder create a file called ‘userChrome.css’ (right click > new > text document - make sure to name the file userChrome.css and not userChrome.css.txt or something)
  5. Open the file for editing and paste the contents of this file;
    Into it.
  6. Restart FF and you should have multi row tabs
  7. Enjoy!

Btw, there is still a small problem (also in the original as far as I can see); it’s not possible to drag tabs well from one row to another. Any Firefox GUI expert who can fix this?

God bless!

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