Tabs in two or more Rows (like TabMixPro) in Quantum?

(Tony) #21

Just applied your version and it works like a charm…only had to changed the Tabs Margin Left to 1 to suit my liking!
Thanks for the share.

(Deyx9999) #22

My decision was to stick with 56v to keep all my addons. The missing multirow just turned me off. Disabled all updates and its still working.
You can also use the long term service version

(Tom) #23

Amazing work! Finally I can again see I have all too many tabs open. Now we just need someone to make this work as an extension!

(Bob Bressler) #24

thanks fh1. Simple easy to follow, except I still have the standard 1 long row. Does this need to be enabled to work? Are there other add-ons that might be preventing it from working?


Where to download updated version?

How to modify appearance of tabs themselves with WebExtension?