Tagging bug

  1. type a name
  2. go at the beginning and add @ and move the right arrow so u parse the name

EX: user gets tagged
AR: @youruser gets tagged

ER: @couci
AR: @claragamezflorez382 Konstantina

I think discourse coins users depending on users on the thread.

In your case i think you pressed enter or the tab key and that’s why you have clara tagged instead of Konstantina

Check this:
@Ioana leo <- I pressed enter and you are tagged instead of leo. Same thing happens if you press tab.
@leo <- Pressed space bar.

Funny, clara shows up almost everywhere.

Yes, I agree. That is the behaviour. What do you think, is there a way to
fix this?

I’ve not dealt much with the core of discourse but i believe @leo or @yousef would be in a better position to advice.

For now, just watch when tagging so that you have the right users. I don’t think it happens that so often.

Thanks Michael
I am using it after each weekly call when I paste the notes. It is not a
blockers but maybe we can fix it

Thanks again!

I just tried this on meta discourse and sure enough it’s a bug there too.

But here’s something that might work for you. (Works for me on linux)

Type Konstantina
Use Ctrl+Left arrow to go one word left.
Add @
Use Ctrl+Right arrow to come one word right