Talking to Stores

Reporting sometimes requires that you approach and ask store clerks questions about Firefox OS. What considerations should you make before asking questions?

At times, what I do is go to a store selling Firefox OS devices here in the Philippines and pretend that I do not know anything about it :smile: asking questions like how is it different from other mobile OS, etc. By doing so, we will know if the store clerk actually know what he/she is selling.

In making a canvas of prices, make them (store clerks) feel that you are a legitimate buyer (just pretend) and not just someone who is making rounds and asking for pricing.

We did the something similar as @bobreyes mentioned.
During the whole FirefoxOS Bus, India journey.
I along with rest of the crew members went to the local stores and asked them if they have Firefox OS Phone and to be honest. They know a lot about it already.
They know, it is only available online, it is cheap and so on.