Teaching & Training Community Proposal


Please find a launch proposal for a Teaching & Training community at Mozilla in this document (with some background in advance, for those who may not have been in this conversation so far). You will notice a timeline as well, which has feedback completed by this Friday 25, and launch on Tuesday.
We already have one great task from Chad due April 8th , which is a fantastic opportunity to launch the community with impact - so lets do this!

Feedback needed in this document before end of Friday, based on your responses we’ll do a soft launch on Monday, and run our first community call. Exciting!

  • General setup (naming, discussion, task management, technology)
  • First Tasks
  • (Initial) community roles (with two open roles)
  • Timeline

Great one, @emma_irwin Loved the way you prepared it. Btw is this one somehow related to education.mozilla-community.org or are we going to merge that one with this. Was looking forward for the update from you :slight_smile: It’s been a long time, no update about that one.

Good question!

That education.community.org is a library of content, and should probably
not live under that URL to avoid confusion.

  • How do we give feedback and where
  • The title and motive is way too ambiguous/big/vague (for the launch proposal). “Teaching & Training at Mozilla Community” comprises almost everything us,foundation and almost most other teams have been doing apart from writing code. If we want clear defined task list/goals or want to set our expectation on the outcome of the proposal. We need clear defined less big tasks.

Which bring me to the next point

  • No clear defined expectation/goal/timeline for goal mentioned. Without that it is just another ongoing initiative.

Hi Rabimba, here is fine , or the document, or the github issue, which includes the pre-work.

Great feedback. Originally we were ‘Education Community’ at Mozilla, but changed it for the same reasons that we do not want to confuse the identity of projects.
What you are hitting on, is actually our goal - “to bring together the community working on teaching and learning initiatives at Mozilla into one place” for collaboration, for invention and opportunity . It’s not a replacement.
I wrote a post on the model we’re after which seeks t make it easier for people to collaborate and find opportunity to teach accross the project, instead of searching through repos, mailing lists etc. The design community is doing this already.

We’re also seeking to help non-technical contributors (which many EDU people self-identify as), connect to opportunities that might otherwise not be visible.

This is a community, not an initiative. The goals will be defined by the community as we take small steps forward. You’ll see one of the first tasks is to write out a mission statement. But what we know is there is a lot to gain from creating a single place for contributors with skillset and core interest in teaching/education.

Keep these challenges coming !

sorry also regarding timeline - community will drive this, as we launch those discussions will happen. We are not racing to this, but taking our time - asking good questions, setting low barriers for getting involve, and tasks that are manageable - supported by specific roles that can test hypothesis we have about building a community like this.

Which essentially tells this will be a single goto place (a.k.a interactive dashboard/portal/knowledge base/ base camp) for all Mozilla Community related (correct me in the community related part if it is not) teaching+learning activities. Right?

Agreed but I would like to argue that this works only because it is a Design Community! For Coding/Designing you have clear tangible and reusable outcome that other communities or teams can use (read get involved for the flipped contribution model). But in case of education/teaching it is very easy to digress. Hence my point was why don’t we create smaller micro tasks which we can achieve in a defined timeline with visible impact? (again goal…)

Which is Awesome! (yay).
And again, can’t we have these suggestions/identified opportunities in form of a vetted list? We can even have discussion (yay/nay vote) to select which requires more attention.
This comes from my observation into countless yammer/telegram/irc/discourse/mozfest corridor/singapore tube-rail discussions which are all great. But gets lost in time/place/between other discussions. Instead a list/point can be more defined and definite way to document our concern/objective/next steps so that we again don’t start reinventing wheel after a year.

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Hi again

A single place for people interested developing quality teaching & learning solutions in any part of the project. This is not a Mozilla portal. (see in document ‘who we are’) to better understand scope. Single place to go with be Github page for Repo - with links to Rocket chat, waffle (easy view of github tasks, and Github repo itself.

Scenerio 1:

  • Contributor from Pune is writing curriculum for a workshop they want to give on connected devices. They have very specific ideas about what should be in that workshop.
  • Contributor Sally submits ticket ‘Need help designing workshop’.
  • Bug Triage Lead - assigns ‘Needs Review - Instructional Design’
  • Instruction Designer Helen picks up the ticket, sends questions to better understand what sally is trying to accomplish, makes recommendations, provides a template for this purpose, and reviews Sally’s work as it progresses.
  • When Sally’s work is completed - it’s triaged to ‘needs testing’.
  • Another contributor Gene running CD events, thinks it looks awesome and runs it at his event.
  • Resource is submitted to the curriculum DB (coming soon on Mofo Side) as a community resource

Scenerio #2

  • A contributor with a background/profession in teaching recognizes there is a huge need for regular workshopping on how to create education materials for Mozilla.
  • Contributor, reaches out to colleagues to test some ideas they have, and run this together once per month as a community offering.

Scenerio #3

  • Chad from the Foundation has a lot of content he needs to pull together in a short period of time, for a Hive event.
  • Chad comes to the Repository and submits a ticket ‘Create new module for webmaker clubs’ , he provides copy, photos and a brief description of how it should come together.
  • Bug triage lead - labels it ‘Content creation needed’ (something like this)
  • Tech Speakers, Webmaker Club or Campus Campaign community stop by and recognize that module will help them with their goals/event , OR will help them grow a skills and reputation, so they pick up the ticket.
  • Bug triagers keeps track of deadlines to ensure content is created in time.
  • Ticket is completed - then marked for QA
  • Someone does a review of work, and marks it for improvement, or passes it. Chad is notified.

Scenerio 5

  • New community member Sheila founds our portal page via a Google search for “contributing to Mozilla education”, and comes to our Rocket chat page to say hi. she finds a list of tasks labeled “easy first task” which are things like reviewing existing content, or adding her name to a file .
  • new community member meets the community (huge factor in repeat contributions) through chat and discussion in tasks. She can ask questions, get answers and even propose new ideas. She learns about what Tech Speakers, Webmaker Club, Hive, Campus Campaign and others are all doing and need from contributors interested in teaching & learning.
  • The community grows by 1 :slight_smile:

[quote]Agreed but I would like to argue that this works only because it is a Design Community! For Coding/Designing you have clear tangible and reusable outcome that other communities or teams can use (read get involved for the flipped contribution model). But in case of education/teaching it is very easy to digress. Hence my point was why don’t we create smaller micro tasks which we can achieve in a defined timeline with visible impact? (again goal…)

Totally disagree that it only works for Design community because they are the design community.
Listen, people are lost, opportunities are scattered, this is not a replacement for project management of projects - but a community hub. Creative Commons is building something similar for developing educational content.

I am interested in your micro tasks, I would like to know what you think those are in this context. Don’t stop thinking on this :slight_smile: You’re going somewhere and I want to follow. The thing is, I don’t want to over engineer it for a soft launch, I agree with goals , tangibles deadlines all of that - we need t have impact. Chad’s task from the foundation is our first one with all of those things. We need to make it happen.

I have a role for Bug Triage Open, and thinking about that stuff is super important and would be a key part of that. Critical even. Categorization, prioritiziation, and workflow will be critical. It’s something I am thinking about over here as well. We should talk more.


Portal: http://mozilla.github.io/community-teaching-training/

Tasks: https://waffle.io/mozilla/community-teaching-training

Chat: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/rocket-chat/7722/2

Community Call
Vidyo Room
Telegram Back-channel (Participation Cohort)

2 calls on March 30 (although one falls on 31 in some time zones)

1st call:

2:30 - 3:00 PM UTC

Open Office:

1:00 AM - 1:30 AM UTC



I am sorry, I couldn’t attend the call, I had 2 other meetings.
Are there any notes of the call?

the etherpad has the outline, with an update coming soon. Sorry we missed you! Look forward o catching up