Tech-Girls Challenge Pop-up Station

This session is facilitated by Kim Wilkens, Cami Pastore, Sarah FitzHenry

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About this session

The Tech-Girls Challenge Pop-up Station is available in the Youth Zone all weekend. Stop by to create a robot zine, code art or design a privacy avatar.

Robotics, AI & Ethics: With advances in AI, it is more important than ever that we consider how humans and robots will interact. Stop by and draft your own “robot zine”, sharing a code of conduct for you and your future robot to follow.

Digital Inclusion & Openness: All of our stories, ideas and creations should be welcome and celebrated on the internet. Create an original work of digital art through code that reflects diversity and/or openness to you and add it to our one-of-a-kind MozFest gallery.

Privacy & Security: Explore what privacy and security mean by creating your own security avatar to battle for your privacy.

Goals of this session

The goal of our session is to empower you to spread the internet health movement to underrepresented youth, especially girls. We will model Tech-Girls grassroots outreach philosophy and activities to students, parents, educators and other parties interested in bridging the gender gap in tech in a pop-up station with a series of activities that span MozFest spaces including AI, digital inclusion, openness and privacy & security.

Resources from #techgirlschallenge can be found @ Please let us know if you try something out!