Test Pilot Program Status - June 29, 2018

Please find below a status update of the Test Pilot Program and our related projects:

Test Pilot

  • Working with Lockbox and Notes team to ensure smooth launches.

  • Working on redesign to highlight mobile experiments.

  • Q2 OKRs wrapping up.

  • Planning for the second half of 2018 in progress.

Cloud Storage

  • Shield Study: launch target May 14 21 29 6/4 6/18, 6/28. We’ve launched!

  • Study expanded to include users in release 61, in addition to 60, as originally scoped.

  • This necessitated additional testing, bug fixing, etc.


  • Launched Firefox Color as planned on June 5, 7am PDT.

  • ~10K DAU

  • Ratings around 4/5 (high for an experiment, includes uninstalls, which is really good!).

  • Design work proceeding for undo, redo, and randomize theme features.

  • Trying to figure out how to give users the ability to add background images to their themes; there is a concern about file size.


  • On track for July 10 Test Pilot launch with their iOS app.


  • Email sent to encourage signups of mobile experiment.

  • Will release internally, early. Aiming for June 29, 2018.

  • New web version released Wednesday, June 27:

  • Upgraded to newest version of CKEditor

  • Style fixes

  • Ctrl-backspace now deletes the entire word

  • Improved HTML export

  • Improved crypto engine for encryption and decryption

  • Mobile release will be pushed out to July 10, so it doesn’t conflict with the release of Firefox 61.


  • Backgrounds in place, will be adding additional backgrounds.

  • File toasts in progress.

  • Sevaan is being pulled off to focus on Shopping work; Carol from Taipei will step in.

  • Emily has streams working (encoding of messages), next is uploading/downloading.

  • Danny is working on FxA tickets. Emily transitioning over to help.

  • Would like to get this usability tested before release.

Side View

  • Launched Side View as planned, on June 5, 7am PDT.

  • Data coming in re: usage.

  • Also ~10K DAU

  • ~1120 survey responses, 88% completion rate.

  • 3.7/5 star rating.


  • Working to Legal to ensure all bases are covered. John to write blog post giving highlights of what we’re doing and why we’re working with an outside vendor.

  • Working with Ops and our AWS contact to ensure flagged matches are stored separately from our standard S3 bucket. AWS has approved our plans.

  • Waiting on Ops to set up staging environment.