Test Pilot Program Update: week ending 2018-08-17


Test Pilot

  • Q3 OKRs are set and have been migrated into Airtable.

  • Had a confounding issue where the majority of images on the dev server were missing. Tied up a chunk of the team for the better part of a day.

  • GitHub tells me that from 2018-08-10 through 2018-08-17

  • Excluding merges, 29 authors have pushed 9 commits to master and 71 commits to all branches.

  • On master, 8 files have changed and there have been 4,526 additions and 4,516 deletions.

  • Of those 80 commits, 59 were made by folks not on the Test Pilot team.

Cloud Storage

  • Shield Study: launched 2018-06-28.

  • End date for the study was 2018-07-16. It is self-expiring and users are being unenrolled.

  • Preliminary findings were presented 2018-07-23.

  • 8800 respondents

  • 97% response rate

  • Google Drive, then Dropbox, then Microsoft One Drive, then iCloud.

  • Final report was expected 2018-08-03; it is in progress, but behind schedule.

  • Determining next steps for this project, including what team should own this feature.


  • Continuing to work on custom backgrounds in Color, just got drag & drop working.

  • Adding pagination to pre-set themes.

  • Working on addressing performance issues; one significant bug was identified.

  • Working through new designs and use cases so this can eventually replace Personas Plus.

  • Red-lined design spec is being completed.

Email Tabs

  • No progress this week due to PTO.

Laserlike, aka Advance

  • Launched 2018-08-07.


  • iOS

  • FxA oAuth work landed.

  • Version 1.2 on track to launch late August.

  • Test Pilot/Lockbox retrospective scheduled for mid-August.

  • Android

  • UX designs complete.

  • Milestone planning is behind schedule.

  • Development work will start early September.


  • Planning for potential graduation of Notes out of Test Pilot to Alex Davis’ team.

  • Figuring out what remaining actions need to be instrumented (e.g., how many users are on both desktop and mobile, users who sync, etc.).

  • New log in flows tested on three different mobile devices.

  • QA has given a Yellow - Ship it Conditionally flag.

  • No blockers, but several bugs remain.

  • Gathering Google Play store feedback to see how different/similar volume and type of feedback.

  • Feedback from surveys rolling in: checklists are most requested feature.


  • Emily’s intern presentation was 2018-08-07; her last day was 2018-08-10.

  • Working on integrating Android and web with FxA.

  • Tons of help from Notes team.

  • Work started on authenticated apis (currently on hold until scope available).

  • Split mobile UI spec into separate tickets so work can get started: 13 issues in Android project.

  • Send Android ported to choo.

  • UX work on Android landed.

  • New designer on board; doing pass on mobile designs.

  • Planning started for potential beta launch when 63 hits beta.

Side View

  • ~6500 users.

  • Led to ~12k+ more Test Pilot installs.

  • 20K+ referrals from a snippet that pointed to the Mozilla blog that was posted 2018-07-10.

  • Working to get Side View into Shield; PHD written and submitted for review.

  • Tentatively scheduled for Shield review 2018-08-08.

  • Engineering work (metrics, onboarding) needed for Shield study.


  • Team is working on a new concept.

  • Preliminary max/diff survey is live.

  • Beginning discussions with outside teams to discuss overlap, plans, etc.