The Add-on Localization Campaign is happening: Join us!

Sorry, let me provide context. We selected 11 add-ons based on the following criteria:

  • Popular (>0.5% users) in at least 3 of the target locales.
  • Using an open source license.
  • The author replied and was willing to incorporate the strings for the campaign dates.

We also included a few add-ons which were extremely popular in this 10 locales plus a small editorial selection from the Addons Team. We had to exclude some add-ons which code was not ready for localization.

The final list is:

  • AdBlock for Firefox
  • 1-Click YouTube Video Download
  • Greasemonkey
  • Download Flash and Video
  • NoScript Security Suite
  • signTextJS plus
  • To Google Translate
  • Pinterest Save Button
  • New tab override
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Stylish

Note that we will localizing both the add-ons and their descriptions/summaries on site.

Once all the strings are approved, we will be generating and distributing testing versions of the add-ons to localizers so they can check everything is fine.

How are translations transferred to AMO? Is that an automated or a manual process?

For the add-ons strings authors will upload new versions, for the AMO descriptions and summaries @jorgev will run a script to upload them all at once.


I do what is necessary for French



Thanks @hellosct1 Remember to share with your fellow French-speaker mozillians, I’m sure we can find new people to get involved with Mozilla thanks to this campaign! :smiley:

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Campaign day 2 - Stats

Some numbers of the campaign’s day 2

  • Number of participants: 35
  • Words translated: 9701
  • Locales with no activity yet: Dutch, Japanese



Remember to also use the “review” link for your locale and vote for good suggestions, this will allow speed up the final string approval.


Campaign day 4 - Stats

Some numbers of the campaign’s day 4

  • Number of participants: 50
  • Words translated: 19517
  • Locales with low activity: Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Russian


Congratulations to Chinese, which already have all suggestions covered, now they are in the review phase, voting suggestions to help core localizers approve the final strings.


Keep the great work! :muscle::fox_face:

I see also people adding comments on the strings on Crowdin but no reply to them so they work on the other strings and this pending remain incomplete.

Campaign day 7 - Stats

Some numbers of the campaign’s day 7

  • Number of participants: 74
  • Words translated: 29388
  • Locales with low activity: Japanese, Polish, Russian


Chinese just needs to validate all the complete suggestions. Spanish, Dutch and Italian are close to complete all suggestions, German and French follow close.

Russian, Portuguese, Polish and Japanese need a big push, we are just one week away of the end of the campaign.


Keep the great work! :muscle::fox_face:

PS: Great job for italian during the weekend btw! :smiley:

Congratulations to Spanish and Portuguese! They are now ready for review.

But remember, we still need to keep voting strings in the review mode to help approvers with the final check, this is as important as suggesting strings :smiley:

PS: Dutch is close to complete all suggestions and Japanese, Polish and Russian still need more people involved!

Campaign day 9 - Stats

Some numbers of the campaign’s day 9

  • Number of participants: 84
  • Words translated: 44045
  • Locales with low activity: Japanese, Polish, Russian


Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian did an amazing work in the past days, completing their suggestions. Russian, Portuguese, Polish and Japanese still need a big push.

Important: Remember that having all suggestions is not enough to validate your language, please keep voting for good suggestions in the review mode, core localizers rely on these votes in order to speed up the process and approve the final strings (green bar in the graph below).


Keep the great work, and remember to vote strings! :muscle::fox_face:

Campaign day 11 - Stats (3 days left!)

Some numbers of the campaign’s day 11, just 3 days away until the end of the campaign

  • Number of participants: 91
  • Words translated: 58675
  • Locales with low activity: Japanese, Polish, Russian


Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are approving the final strings, excellent work from these communities.

French and German still need a final push if they want to get in time for the end of the campaign, if you know the language please chime in and help today!

Unfortunately Russian, Japanese and Polish haven’t got a lot of contributions and are still mid-way with the suggestions. If you are in these locales, please organize a day during this weekend to suggest and vote strings.


As I previously commented, we are 3 days away from the final date, July 2nd, where we will start generating the Add-ons for testing only for the locales that have all strings approved.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved so dar!

PS: Special shout out to @philipp (German) and Tonnes (Dutch), @sara_t (Italian), Breaking_Pitt (Spanish) and @xcffl (Chinese) who made a huge push in their languages progress during the last 2 days :muscle::fox_face:

I’ve updated the first post with the upcoming milestones for this project:

  • July 2nd: Localization finished, we start to upload AMO descriptions, QA phase starts.
  • July 5th: We deliver final strings to authors.
  • July 11th: Authors publish new version with localizations, we start the marketing promotion + blog post, we start measuring.
  • July 28th: Initial report with metrics.

Today is the last day, is there still translation to be done?



For French I see that just a few approvals are needed, almost there. @theo and @benoit.leseul were coordinating there :smiley:

Any additional pair of eyes that could go through the remaining French suggestions and add new suggestions when they see fit would definitely be useful and speed up the review process :slight_smile:
There’s a number of things that native speakers should be able to catch, without any specific localization knowledge and without having the style guide in mind


Campaign day 14 - Stats (last day!)

Quick re-cap of the day: Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch have all suggestions approved. German and French are almost there and Portuguese is also close. Congratulations for the amazing work!

  • Number of participants: 101
  • Words translated: 92657


Tomorrow we will be packing all locales with 100% completion and generating the add-ons with the localized strings for testing in context, ideally we want to send the strings to authors by the end of the week.


I’ll be providing a more detailed report in the coming days.


why are we not doing localization in Hindi?

Please check the FAQ in the first message of this topic.