The Blocked Add-ons list is useless

The list of blocked add-ons at is useless, as it doesn’t actually list which add-on is blocked.

Also, if you do look at an entry on that list it has a link to “View block request”, but any attempt to look at the target of the link (I’ve tried quite a few) produces the message:

Access Denied

You are not authorized to access bug nnnnnnn.

True most of the bugs have the security flag set. Not all. have a look at listed as facebook malware in the list.

I do think that the security flag should be lifted after the block is in place as the security risk everyone is exposed to has been removed. But perhaps these flags are being left set because the underlying ability to exploit the user has not been closed, only the software that exploits to opening.

The reality is there needs to be further information in the add-on manager when the add-on stops working and this provides a way for affected users to determine the change was not a bug or some sort of accident.

Hi Gordon. With few exceptions, we open the bugs up after the block has been pushed. Can you double check if there are still so many that are restricted? It shouldn’t be more than a few.

Hmmm… Today I can access most of the block requests. Perhaps I was just unlucky in the ones I tried yesterday.

That still leaves the fact that the list of Blocked Add-ons doesn’t actually list them.