The future of Community IT

@XioNoX told me yesterday some pretty good news for the Community IT project. His team (NetOps) is now responsible for the project, or at least, anything financially related to it.

This is a big win for us, because it gives us not only more freedom to develop the project, in co-operation with NetOps, but also a home within Mozilla. We’ve been without a home for a while now, leaving us with no direct team in IT who is “responsible” for helping us.

NetOps are going to have discussions next quarter about the project, but I thought we should probably have our own discussion beforehand, so we can take everyone’s thoughts forwards to them.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is how we can build the project to suit community, and not just local communities. Currently we sponsor resources to our local communities, but this project is for community not just for local community. I think we should be looking at how we can expand to try and help anything related to IT in the community, not just web hosting and discourse.

That is, however, my opinion. What are you thoughts on this?


Is this something NetOps has discussed with Kensie or Mrz? Also have they touched base with other stakeholders?

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Good Question…

I believe not, yet at least. As I mentioned, their discussions are going to take place next quarter. For now, everything is exactly the same. This also only affects infrastructure that powers community sites on OVH/MediaTemple. Not much there will be changing.

Having these discussions here are a good way, I think, for @mrz, @majken and the rest of the group to share ideas about how we can use their new financial ability to do good. With financial responsibility, comes other responsibility, therefore there is much more than money we can try and work with @XioNoX and his team to leverage. In fact, money might be difficult for us to even get, other than OVH resources. A corporate point of presence is beneficial, still.