New bugzilla component for Community Ops

I just created a new Bugzilla component for Community Ops

You can see it here. The purpose of this component (as agreed in our London meetup) is to track all work around our paas and extended infrastructure. Feel free to use it to track all Ops related issues and work.

The description and taxonomy is a bit unclear:

Is this for all thing community ops or just ops within Participation Infrastructure?

Also, is community IT and community ops the same thing? Yeah, confused.

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I can answer this bit!

The team moved on from “Community IT” to reflect that the team’s vision is not to be a typical “corporate IT team” but to be an operations team. Community Ops does include providing the infrastructure that supports what you’d once know as a Community IT request.

I’m unclear on whether such a request would be a “MCS Request” or a “Community Ops Request” at this point.

Some relevant context here would be that Community Ops pretty much falls as being part of Part Infra now.

Well, that isn’t the right way to explain it, and actually I agree that having a “community ops” component is confusing when put this way.

Community Ops is the group of volunteers/working with volunteers to provide ops experience and expertise. Community Ops help with the ops side of several projects, most of which fall under participation whether or not the Part Infra team is working on them.

@pierros - could you clarify specifically what projects go here?

I’m pretty sure when we agreed to make a bugzilla category it was specifically for things like Discourse and Matrix that would in fact be shared with part infra. I don’t think we decided what to do with the community sites requests.

I thought we were going to get our own product, not just another component. Now we have a fourth place our bugs go rather than one central place.

I assume you mean the ops side of those things, rather than the product - which I understood was going to be decided within the Participation Software Lab.