The Great Renaming to @fluent/*

As of today, all fluent.js packages are available under new names in the @fluent scope.

  • fluent is now @fluent/bundle 0.13,
  • fluent-syntax is now @fluent/syntax 0.14,
  • fluent-react is now @fluent/react 0.9.0,
  • fluent-dom is now @fluent/dom 0.5.0,
  • fluent-sequence is now @fluent/sequence 0.4.0,
  • fluent-langneg is now @fluent/langneg 0.3.0.

For each package on the list above, I first published a new minor update of the package under the old name. Then, I published the same code under the new name. Finally, I deprecated the old package on npm, but only at its latest version.

For example: I released fluent-react 0.9.0, then published the very same code as @fluent/react 0.9.0, and lastly, I deprecated fluent-react 0.9.0. Importantly, fluent-react 0.8.5 has not been deprecated, and existing apps can continue to use without npm warnings, and upgrade at their convenience.