The incapability of Firefox to perform like they used to

Have your newest browser version, and it reports that Microsoft Onenote ”is not checked for stability, so no install”………and then I just ask……Why the he… is that?? It has always been working, so what is going on?? Am I to change to another browser, that is capabel of delivering what is expected in 2021, because Firefox certainly is not.

I will uninstall all Firefox browsers and all other Mozilla from all my units, and go with some software that Works……and keeps on working, and that is apparently not you.

Sendt fra Mail til Windows 10

Do you mean this one?

All extension uploads are screened by software intended to detect and block malicious add-ons. The message on the gray box indicates that this extension is not enrolled in the “Recommended” program where every extension update receives careful human review (KB). So you should make sure you trust the publisher before installing the extension.