OneNote Web Clipper extension has been removed from Firefox

Firefox no longer supports the use of Microsoft OneNote Web Clipper. The extension disappeared from my browser Sat, Jul 08, 2023.

The OneNote Web Clipper is now only supported for use in Microsoft Edge browser and that extension will not allow selection of Notebook or Section for the clipper.


Interesting, for those interested, here it is in the web-archive:

I wonder if it was official Microsoft addon and whether these two are official Microsoft accounts:

Too bad anyone can name their account “Microsoft” and look “legitimate”.

Note that if the addon was removed from your Firefox, it usually means it was malicious or that the author released “auto-uninstalling” update.

Check the about:addons page, it can show you blocked addons:

Here is the last “onenote_clipper-3.9.0.xpi” installation file I could find - but it’s hard to say if it will work, or for how long: (1.3 MB)


This message from “”

OneNote Web Clipper is no longer supported on Firefox browser and works best using a modern browser like Microsoft Edge.

It appears that Microsoft has removed the addin from Mozilla Firefox


Oh, that’s bad :frowning:.

Seems like Microsoft has some lazy developers these days.
I don’t want to brag but my ScrollAnywhere addon works in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera and even Thunderbird. All from the same code-base. So if they can’t support modern Firefox, then they are doing something wrong. Shame on them!


It can’t be understood, why is Firefox’s OneNote Web Clipper in the computer also deleted simultaneously? Firefox can directly delete local data stored by users without notification?

Yes they can, BUT they do it only when addon is marked as malicious.

If I remember correctly, in this case the addon author (Microsoft) released auto-uninstalling update. And sadly uninstalling addon deletes also local data.

I installed that extension from your file (Thanks), but I had to change User-Agent to Edge’s in order to login (or “Not supported” page with Edge ad will appear). After that, it works just fine, even with Firefox’s User-Agent.


Now it can only supprot on Edge by MS :cry:

Can you please elaborate in details how to do that? I still had the plugin installed from before MS cancelled their support. It didn’t uninstall. However now, because I changed my MS account login, I am signed-out, and it won’t allow me to sign-in. Thanks.

It does not seem like an issue of laziness. It seems that they want to push their browser on to users. The plug-in was still working fine with no issues.

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Since there is the option to right-click screenshot the browser / website in Firefox, wouldn´t it be an option to automatically add the url of the site where one takes that screenshot?
That´s how I use to do it - in two steps then, first the image, then the url.
Not being a coder, I guess this will need some implementation in windows with an external tool, but afaik, windows can handle double or multiple clipbord inputs.

Thanking you so much.
knowing that it can be done led me to .

in firefox I shrink the page down to a size where i can see all i wish to clip
(using firefox/view/zoom out. or ctrl -)
Right click and select what i wish to copy (usually ctrl a for select all)
Then copy
Open a page in onenote desktop and paste…
The url will be included at the very bottom of the paste.

I find this allows capture of text and images in a way that is editable within one note vs screen capture which is a .png and requires the extra step of OCR.
(Edit : some sites/ pages only allow screen shop capture )

Perhaps someone could write a windows batch script to make it 1 click.

for research the ability to collect various bits of information, and to be able to instantly to go back to the source of that information was what made the onenote web clipper so useful…
without it onenote became useless to me…
as for using edge…dont get me started.

Thanks mikevan2009. So far from what I’ve done, I can confirm that copying from Firefox page and pasting into Onenote works well. Format the header and you’re good to go. Added benefit is pasting straight into the notebook, section and page you want to.
I thought I’d have to give up on Onenote as the webclipper was so handy, but this works just as well.

Although it is not the best solution, in some cases it can be useful to save the page as a PDF in OneNote: simply “print” the page and choose OneNote as the printer.

This is very far from the webclipper utility, or to copy and paste, but at least is another option. :man_shrugging:

  1. Change User-Agent to Edge
  2. Login to clipper with Microsoft account
  3. Change User-Agent back to Firefox
  4. PROFIT!