The Open Data Day 2023 on the 4th of May is a good opportunity to talk about Common Voice!

The Open Data Day is a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), with events all over the world that happen between March 4th and 10th. It is an annual celebration of open data all over the world and it is a great chance to talk about Common Voice, especially, since the theme this year is “Open Data to AI”.

Right now there are 22 events, but often more appear in the weeks before the date, so it’s worth to check this website again once in a while:

I am going to talk about Common Voice in Karlsruhe, Germany as member of the local Open Knowledge Lab Karlsruhe. I wanted to do this talk in 2020 already, but couldn’t because I got sick. If someone wants to come by, here are the details:

@Gina_Moape and @jesslynnrose I have the old English Slide Pack for Contribution Events from the Google Drive folder that I am goinging to translate and adapt. Is this the latest template to use? Also, is there a chance to get promo material such as stickers?


The schedule in Karlsruhe is public now, I will have a 20-minutes slot at 17:10.

Right now there are 39 events all around the world already.

This is so exciting, congratulations! The slides in the linked Google Drive folder should be the most recent.

I’m going to try and and see if I can source some stickers (I would like one as well!) and develop a more comprehensive plan to support folks getting to events like this in the future! Would it be ok to link to your session schedule in the weekly update thread for next week, so anyone who is interested in attending can learn more about it?

Please do let us know if there are ways we can be helping to support you, it’s really excited to see passionate community members doing outreach!

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Thanks! Yes, feel free to mention the talk in the update thread :slight_smile:

Mozilla sent me these stickers for the German Common Voice donation challenge in 2021:

But they told me, that these might have been the last ones, so maybe they have to be printed again, at least the Common Voice stickers.

I uploaded my slides in the German Forum, feel free to adapt and reuse them:

It was a nice day, people were interested in the project. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time for discussions, but I think people liked CV.

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