The page scrolls after refreshing

I’ve been having a problem with automatic page scrolling for a long time.

If I have Developer Tools enabled and I refresh the page, it scrolls me to the top of the page…
It makes my work very difficult.

Somewhere in DevTools you can disabling caching while the panel is open, and I think that is one possible reason for scroll position to be lost on reload.

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Disabling this option did not help :confused:

This only happens with DevTools open? That was the only setting I could think of that’s unique to DevTools.

In another thread somewhere, someone mentioned that they had a script timing issue in their code but it was difficult to debug because it always ran correctly with DevTools open; the problem only occurred with DevTools closed. So something may be different with respect to script execution, but I couldn’t tell you what/why. (Not so helpful, I know.)

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Yes, only when I have DevTools open.