The resource at “" was blocked because tracking protection is enabled

(Satish Ambig) #1

We are calling APIs from other domain, the API result is json which has contents for our site. ex: our site is on and it is calling APIs from other domain,

But this is working fine in all browsers except Firefox in which tracking protection enabled default or users set tracking protection enabled. All API calls are blocked that made our site empty without any content loaded. The error in browser console is “The resource at “” was blocked because tracking protection is enabled”.

It is noted that for the users using the latest Firefox 63.0 , the content/images are not loading in our site. This issue occurs because the Tracking Protection feature (not popup blocking) is enabled on the newest Firefox version: Firefox Quantum 63.0.

Please help to fix this issue, how to bypass tracking protection and make content loaded on site when tracking protection enabled. Is there any front end or back end codes to handle this ? We used Javascript, jQuery, WebSphere Liberty and JSP for our site.


(Mike Conca) #2


To bypass tracking protection in extensions you need to make sure all of the domains you need to access are listed in the host permissions section of you manifest file. More info on MDN:


(Satish Ambig) #3

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your suggestion. I am not understanding manifest file you mentioned. Is it manifest.xml or manifest.yml and where to keep that file ? This is websphere liberty application with HTML front end. We created war file and deployed it using manifest.yml file in IBM cloud.


(Martin Giger) #4

That sounds like it’s not an issue with a website and not an extension then.

(Satish Ambig) #5

Hi Freak,

We still have content blocker issues. Do we need to set allow other domain in manifest.yml file while deploying to cloud ?


(Niklas Gollenstede) #6

According to what you are saying, your problem is not related to WebExtensions at all.
So besides that your problem description is rather poor, it is totally off-topic here.

(jscher2000) #7

You can find the list used for the Tracking Protection feature here:

If it’s essential to access those files and you think the “otherdomain” site is blocked in error, contact Disconnect here:

If it’s not an error because it actually is a tracking domain, and you need to have Firefox load those files, you could try proxying them through your server instead of having Firefox connect directly.

(Satish Ambig) #8

Thank you for your suggestions. this link is not opening for me.


(jscher2000) #9

Can you open it in any of your browsers?

(Satish Ambig) #10

Yes, the link opened for me now. thanks