The trained tacotron2 model is 600 MB, however in the notebook its around 300MB

I trained a tacotron2 model using a custom DB, by following this nice recipe:

I then wanted to test the trained model, with WaveRNN as exemplified in this notebook:

However, on my local system, this is the resulting size:

And in the notebook, the tacotron model is downloaded from here: and its 322MB.

Naturally, my model does not load in that notebook. Can someone pinpoint the problem here?

Many thanks,

Hello @Shlomo,
Isn’t it due to different checkpoints you’re using between the two? And it’s worth comparing the config files to see what else (if anything) differs.

I think what you train is Tacotron2 with Double decoder consistency and the one in the notebook is just Tacotron2. So the prior is larger than the original model. that is the difference.