Theme refresh

(Leo McArdle) #1

We’ve been pretty bad at maintaining our current Discourse theme - new issues have cropped up, and there are some which have never been fixed…

Mozilla’s visual style has also moved on a bit in the last year or so, and seems to suit the simplicity which I think a forum like this should have. This is why I propose we switch to the theme in use on staging (thx @jan, I tweaked a few tiny things):

Images are broken on staging for some reason unrelated to the theme, so you’re not quite getting the full experience.

It’s simpler (both in design and lines of CSS used), easier to maintain (because it mainly uses the in-built colour customizer which I don’t think existed when the first theme was created), and actually uses Open Sans.


(Rubén Martín) #2

Like it, but log-in/register buttons are weird in blue with a red background, also missing tabzilla.

Also, is it possible to also fix notifications button to have some text explaining what it is?

Add explanation to notifications button
(Leo McArdle) #3


That sounds like a feature request to me :wink:

(Rubén Martín) #4

Looking great.

Should the main logo said something more than “mozilla” like “mozilla forums” or “mozilla discussions” as we do with other sites?

Edit: Or event better “mozilla community”.



Yes, that feature request already exists, not sure if we have an old topic on it.


It should probably say something else, but I’m not sure if we’re ready to start a branding discussion. I think we might be better off leaving it in obvious need of a change, than picking something now that we will inevitably get stuck with.

(Akshay) #7

I was using the site just before and just after the theme was applied. And I found the red too bright for my eyes (could be just me)


Two things I’ve noticed now that it’s applied:

Having a bold banner colour messes with the category colours. I’d suggest we swap the banner for a grey and use red for the text?

The banner isn’t quite at the top of the window. When I scroll down a topic I can see the artifacts of the text just above the banner.

(Edoardo Putti [:EdoPut]) #9

In the title of each category page there is this output

(Rubén Martín) #10

We need more margin here

Also, maybe we should get rid of category colors here, some categories have colors that don’t match with a red background.

(Rubén Martín) #11

Also the blue notification bubble over the avatar is weird with the red background, maybe we should change the tone of blue.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #12

Object Object also in the menu for latest page.

(Rubén Martín) #13

That’s maybe an incomplete Italian localization.

(sotiris) #14

i think the color of the text bellow the “Theme refresh” must be something else. To see that’s “its active”

(Tanner Filip) #15

I can’t reproduce, and I believe Yousef and Leo said the same. It might just be taking a little bit to redraw.

That’s probably part of a localization missing. Discourse changed their i18n backend, so that’s probably related.

Agreed, I’ll play around a bit with that later.

That’s no different than it was on our previous theme. What would you recommend?

(Nikos Roussos) #16

I agree. All categories have a color (plus avatars and notifications) that doesn’t fit well with a high saturation background color.

(Rubén Martín) #17

I personally like the red header like I don’t know if is there a way to have it and at the same time colors that fit over it.

(Nikos Roussos) #18

Maybe not use category colors in such a narrow bar. Here is an example with turning category colors to something else, and inverting the notification balloon.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #19

Good point, to help for the translation of discourse they are on Transifex

(Nikos Roussos) #20

Is the theme maintained in a repo?