This new design is so terrible I'm using Chrome to write this

  1. The rows are tiny now.

  2. THE BIGGEST MESS-UP ON THE NEW DESIGN: The Google websearch takes up half the home page, yet when you type into it, it takes you into the address bar. I like keeping the search separate from the address bar, because the address bar otherwise gets cluttered. But what’s the use of giving the option of having the web search when it isn’t even functional when it takes you to typing into the search bar instead?

  3. The tabs are floating above and makes it hard to view.

Until these are fixed, I’m going to either continue using Chrome or downgrading to the previous version of Firefox.


I downgraded to the last version, but it deleted all my bookmarks. Is there a way to restore it, even if it means going back to the newest version temporarily until I back up all my bookmarks?

I did notice when I was downgrading that it said something about importing bookmarks, but it asked if I wanted to import to Chrome or another, not Firefox. I had closed out of that dialog box and it gave no further options.

You created a new profile, see

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I had to switch back to Chrome too. The new Firefox GUI design is really bad, especially the tabs, which are so confusing.

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