Thread: Add-ons not working due to certificate expiration

I thought I was going crazy! Not only are all add-ons disabled due to API signature issue (Adblocker Plus was updated just days ago, yet FF says it’s not legit), but it’s telling me “Download failed. Please check your internet connection.” Of course I’m online, I got the add-ons site. Same issue as well with disallowing bc “file is corrupt.” At least it’s good to know I’m not just inept at using a browser! LOL

I just found it easier to install Nightly, set xpinstall.signatures.required to false and use the Profile Manager to use my usual profile. As a bonus, so far Nightly seem to be a bit snappier on Linux. YMMV, though.

Just reading this and strangely I doesn’t seem to have any problems with my addons. I have 20 installed in in my ff66 and 15 in ff67devedition…

I too have the same problem, but luckily for me, or not, most of my hair fell out a few years ago. If you rip a lot of your hairs out, please consider sending them to me - what colour are they ?


This is a most vexing issue, I hope the devs fix it soon.

I’m sure most of you have seen the announcement, but if you haven’t (somehow?), Mozilla is working on a fix and they are doing as much as they possibly can, as quickly as they can. Follow this thread for updates: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install

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I know this is pointless, but I just have to tell it to someone. A couple of hours ago I saved my session and closed a lot of tabs, since I was running on battery. Came home, started FF, wanted to get my tabs back, no session manager addon. Hundreds of tabs gone. Fix not working. I feel like crying.


I’d be very angry as well. However, 100 tabs??? :astonished:

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Oh, I wish it would be only 100 tabs. If memory serves it’s about 400. And I’m really surprised how hard this is hitting me.

@beagel on desktop, right?
Unless you manually uninstall the add on, nothing should be gone. even when it was uninstalled some data might’ve survived.

were those tabs opened or backupped upon exiting Firefox?
just in case: backup the “sessionstore-backups” folder in your Firefox profile (I hope you haven’t restarted Firefox too often since the session you want to restore), the tabs might still be in there :slight_smile:

This issue in Firefox will likely be fixed soon, the devs definitely know how important this issue is. They are testing their fix extensively though to prevent the fix from causing further problems.

Oh man, @beagel, I know the feeling. I, too, had about 50 tabs open, put my computer to sleep for a little while, came back and they were all gone. I’d saved most of them (I hope), but I’m working on an ongoing research project and who knows what I lost. :disappointed_relieved:

Oh, that is even worse. My tabs were just from normal life, the most important ones were interesting job offers. I wish us… and everyone that the team can fix this so the add-ons work without data loss.

@nkyinla because Firefox forcefully restarted or how did that happen? I’m surprised
usually on update installation (for example) Firefox always restarts with the last session

I would recommend you too to backup “sessionstore-backups”.

at least you still have most tabs guaranteed in your history (if all other solutions fail)
one thing to test out: go, click the menu button, go to history and try to restore closed windows/tabs
maybe it’s still there :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks a lot. I did that now. I hope restarting 2-3 times wasn’t too much (1 to get home, 1 or 2 to try fixes)
I got a session from 3 days ago in there, also the add-on Tab Session Manager has a file named storage.js.migrated in the browser-extension-data folder. I saved the whole profiles folder.
Well, I certainly gonna look for a better solution to keep stuff around now. Should have done that a long time ago, this workaround with keeping the tabs open is horrible.

you don’t actually need a workaround for Firefox to keep your tabs between sessions

it’s just a simple setting in general:

works still the best (most reliable), if it’s just about keeping tabs between sessions

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:slight_smile: I have that activated, but I wanted to make extra sure that I don’t loose the stuff. And tonight I just wanted to make sure some tab in some window of FF isn’t sucking my battery empty, and I had this nice add-on that made it possible to store sessions longer than for a few restarts.
Some of the things can go into my bookmarks (was just too lazy to make new folders and organize them), quite a few are .pdf’s (the job offers for example) which I’m gonna save on hdd from now on. I’m gonna think on something for the rest.

@nkyinla The quoting add-on I used for my research projects saved snapshots of the sites I wanted to quote (which is very good, since quoting sites without date and time and keeping the site from that time available is very bad indeed). Sadly that was quite some time ago and I don’t remember the add-ons name. You should look into that, if only for the reason that most people I know want to slap people who quote websites without a snap shot :slight_smile:

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How to disable ALL server-side add-on verification? I do not want my browsing to depend on ANYTHING that happens on your servers or your organization. When I install an addon, I have the right to use it and you have NO SAY in that. If I am not sure whether to trust it, I will review the code myself. I will definitely not trust you. I do not want your “help”. I want to decide for myself. Or do I have to patch and recompile just to accomplish THAT?

Well. what I learned from this.

I really do not want to use the web without my privacy plugins
Spectacular f-ups like this are rare on mozilla’s part
F-ups like this do not seem to happen with chrome.

I’ve been a happy firefox user since before it was firefox. Firebird fledging to leave the nest and get a stable beta out there. I cant remember being so handicapped by this browser.
Until recently I liked the direction mozilla was taking with this browser, now I am less sure. I’m going to wait to see what the explanation was for this incident. After that I may switch to another branch of FF or, very reluctantly, decide to leave this browser.

I’m also having the same issue. All the add-ons were removed and whenever I try to install any add-on, I get a pop-up message saying, “Download failed. Please check your connection”, even though I’m network connectivity is perfect. I have also found out that the themes are also having the same problem.

I just hope the the mozilla team will fix this issue in the earliest possible time.

roll it back, firefox

if it’s broke, revert to a working version until it ain’t

“security” is not an issue when your loyal users abandon you

i would have liked the chance to scrape my adblock plus scripts for transfer to an alternative browser in the interim, but access has been denied to apprently make me safer

i love fiirefox, and have been a dedicated and enthusiatic user for over a decade, but this is a major disincentive until you sort it out

roll it back ! please !!