Thunderbird and Gmail

(Drew) #1


I’ve used Thunderbird for several years now. Recently I’ve had to start using my gmail account with TB.

There seems to be a lot of “duplicate” messages.

I thought I remembered an add-on that would help remove them.

I haven’t found it so far. Any help?

Using 52.6.


(Ryan Sipes) #2

Hey @dcal1953 - it looks like there are a few threads that address this: and and

Take a gander at those and see if that helps at all. Also, there is SUMO which fields many support type questions: <- so if you have further questions you should check that site out.

Let me know if that solves your problem.

(Matt Harris) #3

Actions to delete duplicate messages in the all mail folder will result in data loss. If you want tp ursue the topic, please read

please post follow-up questions in the support forum.

(Drew) #4


I just found this. Not sure now what I did but all OK now.

Thanks for the links.

GMail and Thunderbird should be easier to connect. Both good apps.