Thunerbird Ver 60: Problem with Add-On Manager & connecting Lightning to Google calendar

Hello, today I suddenly had the following problem: whenever I try to check on add-on updates, the manager opens multiple occurrences of Firefox and multiple tabs, most of which seem to point to

The Firefox pages only show the icons of each of my add-ons (half of which are disabled currently, as not Version 60-worthy).

Is there any way of correcting this glitch?

I also cannot reconnect Lightning to Google Calendar, I keep getting the error message “Invalid_request” once I have entered my gmail address.
I’d be grateful for some help.

What is your OS, linux?

Windows 10 64 bit

wsmwk Vseerror
August 20

What is your OS, linux?

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I am on Windows 10 64bit, on 2 laptops. On 1 laptop I am running TB 60, distribution, not beta, and on the other one TB 52.9.1

Thanks for your help