Everytime Thunderbird updates, I lose more and more Add-ons

I follow the updates, because of security, but many add-ons, just don’t work any more.

For example:
“Account Colors” Great
“FoxClocks” Great
“Get all mail button” Great
“LocalFolders” Great

It is easy to say it is up to the developers, but if you keep changing everything, there will soon be no more add-on’s.

I like Thunderbird and have used it for more 30 years, but am starting to think it is time to change.



According to https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/localfolder/ “LocalFolders” works with Thunderbird 68.0 - 78.*

Most probably “Get all mail button” will be updated soon.

“Get all mail button” is now available for TB78 and higher:

And now gContactSync, Lightning and the Google Calendar provider! I mean come on, this stuff is serious it’s not playtime here! Also without notice, they’ve removed the colours in the folders. Colour cues are important for UI/UX. I’m talking about TB78.7.1 on Linux Mint.

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You are so right! This is essential serious stuff and they let us hanging instead of providing something native from Mozilla. Lightning 651.434 user, Provider for Google Calendar 268.913 user, gContactSync 12.037 user. How can you make use of android phone and your google account containing mail, addresses and calendar data? Such an arrogance. But people are lazy and do not complain. So it seems to me there is no easy way to complain and or give a statement of their actual software. Without certain functionality it is just a BS peace of code. It’s a shame.

Lightning as an extension is no longer needed as Calendar functionality was added as a built-in feature in Thunderbird 78.0.

The Provider for Google Calendar extension works in Thunderbird 78.x.x.

You want colored folders try Phoenity Icons.

You may be able to find other solutions with an extension.

Users can find out about all the new features, fixes and changes by reading the release notes accessible from the Help > About Thunderbird dialog.

Hi, Many thanks that has made a big difference. Appreciate your reply.

Provider for Google Calendar has been buggy with recent Thunderbird versions, and might not be necessary any more (unless you want to use task list) because CalDAV can be used instead. See:

Maybe it is not really a replacement for “Account Colors”, but maybe “BorderColors D” can be useful: