To combine web applications on different frameworks

Hi, everyone!
Today, I have a simple question.
Do you have any way to combine web applications on different frameworks?
I mean, for example, a web application A developed using Express.js and another B developed using Next.js.
They are on a same server.

My point is, I would like to treat them with just one url domain like :// and ://
If you have the answer or some hint, please teach me.
Thank you!

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Yes it is possible.
You can publish server-side applications using proxy_pass (nginx)
I use nginx for my angular application. It can be a bit complicated if you are not an expert.

search for this “diffirent web app same domain nginx”

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I have a question about combining web application with website. I am a developer, I made a web application three days ago. Now, when I connect this web app with this website. It’s performing going doing. i can’t point out the issue. Issue is the app buttons is not be working?

Now, I am here and doing brain storming about that issue. I want suggestions from here.