Tool to help with reporting TTS issues

Hello all!

Hope you’re well. I know this post risks being a little “off-topic” (hopefully not too far :slightly_smiling_face:) but thought it might be useful to mention.

A couple of months back I put together a tool called GatherUp that can make it much easier to nicely format the key setup / config details in a post on Discourse or in a Github issue (conveniently they both use basically the same markup).

The reason I think it might be handy for TTS discussions (and DeepSpeech too) is that commonly to investigate a problem someone raised, it’s usually useful if they post a fair amount of detail, however this tends not to happen - either because people don’t know how or they do know but are in a hurry!

GatherUp is open-source, is on PyPI and can be used with PipX (probably the most convenient method as it’s globally available)

The sort of issue it can produce is shown here. What you post is still totally up to you and you can include/leave out as much as you wish, but it does the tedious formatting for you after a few quick questions :+1:

Would be interested in feedback. It’s still in early stages and I probably ought to smarten up the code in a few ways. The README has full details and both a YouTube demo and an Asciinema demo.

Many thanks!


Great tool, thanks, have to try it. I find it really useful for TTS as virtually everbody is using a different setup :slight_smile:

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It looks great !! I’ll mention in the repo and suggest people use it.

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