ToolBar button "drop-down menu"

(Shivam) #1

I think it is rather a novice question but I am not able to find it anywhere on the Web.

Clicking on the Toolbar Button of some add-ons(ex: DuckDuckGo, Amazon Assistant, Cookie-auto delete),there is something like a “drop-down menu”. How to add that type of functionality in my add-on ?

I wanted to show you what that “drop-down menu” looks like but I think, this platform does not support images so here is the link:

(Martin Giger) #2

(Shivam) #3

God shall furnish you with so much wealth that even Bill Gates+ Jeff Bezos will be jealous of you.

Thank you so much!

(jscher2000) #4

Wow, I didn’t realize it could be so rewarding to answer questions here. :wink:

(Shivam) #5

You don’t know!
I was getting mad about this problem. Believe me, this problem was hitting a newbie like me in the face.

(rugk) #6

Actually it does. Just drag- & drop the image into the browser. Or paste it…

As for the actual question: A different way would be to use the menu API to create a context menu when you right-click on a toolbar button.

(Shivam) #7

I could not post directly.

I sent a mail to and then the bot on the other side must have posted it. When I tried to attach an image with the email, I received an email from mozilla that “your post could not be posted”.

(Martin Giger) #8

It does not know how to handle attachments. It may work with inline images when sending an HTML response via e-mail.

(Shivam) #9

I can try that next time.
Thanks a lot freaktechnik!!!