Toward a DeepSpeech Modelers Meeting?


We are starting to get several community members that are working on models for their own locales. This is something great and we would like to improve as much as possible collaborations between upstream (us) and between contributors who are hacking models.

One proposal would be to held some regular meeting on a time that fits better for contritutor and that would be a place to:

  • inform of current / latest improvements on deepspeech and on models
  • exchange about tips / issues in producing models

This would be a complement to the async communication provided by Discourse, and thus we would prepare each with first collecting questions / issues over a few days, to have time to work on those and be able to make the meeting useful for everyone.

Would this be a format that makes sense to people ?


Sounds good to me :slight_smile: Who else?

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I’m in. Not modelling in english, but spanish. Hope there’s no problem with that.

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Absolutely not, that’s precisely the goal here!

I am in, nice to meet with you people who are running this community wonderfully.

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So, I have not left this behind but as you know times have been crazy for the past few months and will still be for many people in the world. I’d like to know when would be the best fit of time for people:

  • what timezone are you in?
  • do you prefer during the week or weekend?
  • during working hours or outside of working hours?

Berlin time zone with Corona flexibility

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Pretty sure that there would interest from New Zealand UTC+12 in this, sometime within reasonable waking hours! cc @utunga @mathematiguy @keoni


Thanks, so there might be interest from many timezones. That’s challenging but I’ll try and find a good solution :slight_smile:

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Yup, we are definitely keen. So long as the hours are not in the 11pm - 6am NZST then I’m sure the crew can make it. I remember the Mozilla Open Leaders course was a bit challenging for me wrt time ;).

100% ! Sign me up ! Esp since my boss is into it :wink: I’ll be there with bells on.

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Please fill this survey:

The hours should allow most of the timezones to join at not too bad hours, we’ll see which slots suits best all people.

I expect that to be no more than ~1h30-2h at most.

What is the timezone of the times in the survey link - UTC? Or does it adapt automatically to the timezone of the person viewing it?

CEST, thanks, I knew I forgot something.

Awesome! Just filled it in. Unfortunately, with the timezones, 2:00 PM CEST and/or 6:00 PM CEST doesn’t work so well for us here in NZ. ;-(

So, given the results and my current workload, I think we’ll do that on july 29th, 22:00 CEST.

Regarding a more specific agenda, I guess we could start with some introduction of everyone, then I could do a small presentation like 20 mins on our current status regarding training / inference + workflow on french model (and results) (r0.8 should be mostly done, so that’s good), and then I’d be happy if we could have two or three people presenting some of their work as well?

I don’t know if we should use Zoom or Matrix’ conferencing setup, though.


Great thanks. Looking forward to it. I’m sure Matrix is ‘better’ in a bunch of ways but fwiw erryone has Zoom now :wink:

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Matrix and Zoom are fine, looking forward to it.

Kia ora tātou. Looking forward to this. We’ve got about 5 of us who might join in (@utunga @mathematiguy @tippy_top myself and another person who’s based in Ireland). I’m gonna recommend @utunga &/or @mathematiguy present on our work with DS - te reo Māori asr & trying to measure pronunciation with DS. But also keen to have a back seat this first meeting and hear about all the amazing projects going on. I’m sure we’ll have more of these meetings in the future =)


I think I’ll give a try to matrix with a dedicated channel, and update the topic with the infos.
It’d be nice if people who plan on giving a talk (don’t be shy, even a small one is welcome) would confirm here, for planning purposes :).

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