Translate site to Spanish and different languages?

(Gery Escalier) #1

Hi, I would like to translate into Spanish and involve more Spanish-speaking people.
Ask in the l10n channel the telegram about how to do the translation in Pontoon but I do not understand correctly what the procedure is.
Is it possible to do it in pontoon or should it be done in another way?

Regards! :grinning::beers:

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #2

Same here! I would like to translate into Spanish :slight_smile:

(Gery Escalier) #3

if it is necessary that we have translated the page into the local language and that applies to the different languages.

I already have the data and I will make an issue on the github page of the page requesting that it be localized in different languages and be able to work in pontoon


(Gery Escalier) #4

hello @benfrancis will it be possible that the website is available in different languages? I’ll write an issue on the github page on that topic.
I do not think it is necessary that all languages are present, you can add those that are translated into Pontoon.

Regards!!! :grinning::beers:

(Ben Francis) #5

Thanks for the offer of help! I’m not sure of the best way to support these translations.

Feel free to file an issue at where we can discuss the options available.

(Gery Escalier) #6

thank @benfrancis you for responding and for the support, I have published issue continue through there

Regards!! :grinning::beers: