Triage 1:1s

At the triage meeting, we realized that we need to get a bit more organized with our own issues before triaging them as a group.

I’d like to do some triaging 1:1s with everyone. Basically you set aside a time to actually triage your issues, I get to make sure I’m informed on everything, and then we can also talk about prioritization of projects, which is what I want to work on next in terms of organization at the project level.

30mins should be ok. If we don’t get through everything in the first go, we can get it the next time. Ping me here, or IRC or email, etc to schedule with me, please!

Note: This would also be useful if you don’t have a lot of tasks assigned to you, as we can figure out which things you can take.

@tanner, @yousef, @mrz, @tad, @jan, @logan, @leo, @Kensie, @costenslayer, @JLensmeister , @buluma_michael

@majken I can do 16:00 to 22:00 GMT and most of Saturday and Sunday GMT times dependant on what my plans may be for that day for me.

take your pick

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Ah you haven’t been at Mozilla long enough, you’re messing up timezones :wink: You get cured of that. You mean 16 - 22 BST? How’s Monday, either 16, 1630, 1730 or 18 BST (Tad’s got 17)?

16:30 is good, sorry for the confusion :joy:

Can i take Monday 1730 BST?


awesome. Marked it

pore @JLensmeister one day you will be like us :stuck_out_tongue: Technically its BST or GMT +1 ATM ,

I vote 11:30 EST

You mean EDT :wink:

Can I take 1800 BST Mondays?

Can you do 1830?

Yeah, I think so