Trying to install DeepSpeech to a particular folder (in virtual env)

following the instructions here:

i used

pip3 install deepspeech

but towards the end of the install process i get this:

WARNING: The script deepspeech is installed in ‘/home/jd/.local/bin’ which is not on PATH.
Consider adding this directory to PATH or, if you prefer to suppress this warning, use --no-warn-script-location.

i appreciate that this is a warning not an error, but it tells me (i think) that deepspeech has installed to my home directory. however, i don’t want this because i intend to create several different virtual installs of deep speech so that i can run some comparison tests (eg between cpu and gpu performance). can someone tell me what i am doing wrong and ideally what i can do to install DeepSpeech to a specific directory?
thx, julian

We document using virtualenv, please follow this.

indeed, and i have referenced what i believe is the correct page. however, there is nothing on that page that mentions that the deepspeech script gets put in the home directory of the installing user. this is what is puzzling me, as surely it means that when i install the second instance of deepspeech (and maybe a third and fourth) it will over-write the first script since it is not going into the directory where i am doing the install.

at this stage, i can do two things:

  1. install a second virtual environment, this time with gpu enabled, and see whether the first environment (cpu only) gets switched over to the new gpu-enabled one.
  2. create a new user for each deepspeech environment so that the deepspeech script gets put in a different place each time. it is rather a nuisance and potentially confusing to keep creating new users, but that may be the only way out of this.

Guessing you ran the pip install without sudo?

because if you are correctly within the virtualenv, then it does not installs anything outside of it.

if it installs something in ~/.local/bin/ then it is because you are not within the env.

please don’t do this

just checked my command history, and yes, you are right. thank you. i removed the sudo because i was following the manual commands exactly. i will need to learn more about python virtual environments.

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thanks, lissyx, i have now used sudo and i did not get the warning message. i debated whether to use sudo or not, but as the manual doesn’t use sudo, i decided not to.

I have explicitely told you not to, I’m going to stop trying to help since you are not listening.

i am sorry that i misunderstood. i thought that baconator meant that i should be using sudo and when you said “please don’t do this” i thought you meant please don’t run the install WITHOUT using sudo. i am really trying hard to understand what to do and i am sorry if it appears that i am not listening. i appreciate the help that you give.

At some point, if you just copy/paste the commands we have on the first page, you should end up with two different virtualenvs, one for cpu one for gpu, it’s so trivial I cant do anything except telling you to start over to stick to the doc.

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i will do as you say and follow the docs precisely. many thanks.

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