Ublock stopped working

in firefoxfor disconnect me im getting it turned off plugin dew to cant varified need fixing thank so it work agen right now firefox disabled by selfits ublock

This is all over Reddit. Everyone is looking for the answer.


Oh, and also here:

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Good thing theyre are listing it under staff picks. Good thing they had a solution ready before doing this right?

I’m glad it’s not just me, scared the hell out of me!

My addons were working for years without any issues. Now all the javascript, xss, popup and other malicious site protection addons stopped working. And it can’t be even turned off. Totally exposed to all the bugs and exploits out there. Gestures not working. Feels like I am back in the 90s.

Really great work. Back to Chome until this mess is over.

A certificate expired. Unlikely it was intentional. Not sure how it will be fixed.

This was not intentional and we’re working on a fix right now. Please follow Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install for updates.