Ukrainian translations are gone from MDN

Hello. For some reason I cannot see Ukrainian translations of MDN articles anymore. It’s gone from the languages list and the articles themselves are not available. Is there any way to get it back?

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Hello @Daria

i can not find it on the github page also

let me ask @chrisdavidmills to check that

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Daria, hi @justsomeone!

We made the decision a while ago to retire a number of locales that don’t have active maintenance communities, don’t have many users, and which feature a lot of out of date or low quality content. You can read more about the decision here:

uk content was unfortunately among those that we retired. The source code has not been deleted, and is now available at

thanks for the feed back @chrisdavidmills

Hi @chrisdavidmills.
Thank you for the feedback. Is there any way to bring it back if we find translating crew? I did a lot of JS translations there and was going to continue, there were certainly few other translators who would contribute to keep it alive.

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@Daria I’m afraid not. We always said we were going to retire these, and not bring them back the other way. The source code is all there, and there is nothing to stop interested parties from publishing them somewhere else if the interest is there.

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