Unable to access people.mozilla.org

I tried accessing the link people.mozilla.org/p/couci from the profile of @couci and it gave me this error

Sorry, you do not have permission to access https://dinopark.k8s.sso.mozilla.com/ https://people.mozilla.com/ https://people.mozilla.org/. Please contact eus@mozilla.com if you should have access.

I have been thinking till now that this could be because people.mozilla.org is being developed currently. I was thinking similarly for pad.mozilla.org as well. But, I just discovered that there is a miscommunication between whoever is maintaining the IAM stack and whoever is deciding who gets to access what. And now I’m suspecting that the same miscommunication is preventing access to people.mozilla.org

tl;dr: Should mozillians (who are not in NDA) have access to people.mozilla.org profiles now?

I’m not sure about pad.mozilla.org, but people.mozilla.org is slowly being opened up beyond employees and contractors, to (now) a small group of NDA volunteers for testing purposes, within a few weeks to all NDA volunteers, and eventually to all mozillians.

You can follow #pmo for updates.

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As Mike Hoye explained on the other thread not only NDA Mozillians should have access to the pad and he is working on fixing it.

As for people.mozilla.org @leo is right, it’s currently only for a specific set of NDA volunteers but the plan is to open up in the future for everyone.