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Float -> Slidebar
You have probably visited a website that has at least one sidebar. Some are very simple and others are more complex, but the goal is the same. In this exercise, we will learn how to create a very simple sidebar layout.

To achieve this you need to add the float property in two elements so they look like the image below.

ScreenHunter 34

You can follow these steps if you are struggling:

  • Assign the classes to each of the divs (the order matters).
  • Do not remove the mid-element class from the two middle divs, use space to separate each class.
  • Notice in the image that there is a space between the Main Content and the Side Bar.
  • These are the classes that you need to add to the elements: header , main-content , side-bar and footer .

Looking for some help how to achieve this image result.

Hi @shubhampandey and welcome to the community :wave:

Could you please post a link to the task?
Guessing from your description I would say that the “Main Content” element needs float: left; in its CSS and the “Side Bar” needs float: right;

I hope that helps!

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@mikoMK Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Since I don’t have an account there, I can’t see the given source code but yes, the float properties I wrote above seem right. Don’t forget to also add appropriate classes to both elements like <div class="mid-element main-content">Main Content</div>

Yes ! Thanks for the prompt help !

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You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
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Hello @shubhampandey
is that from https://hyperskill.org course or i am wrong if yes then i have account there just give me the link to the task

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They removed the link from a previous post. It’s here: https://hyperskill.org/learn/step/12703#comment

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did you got it @shubhampandey or you still need more help

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Looking for help for this exercise.
Write a page that contains three paragraphs <p> (all without quotes):

  1. id = “main-information”, text — “Main information”;
  2. id = “history”, text — “History”;
  3. id = “tours”, text — “Tours”;

Add a navigation block to the page using <nav> . The navigation should contain three links (one per paragraph), each with the same text as in a paragraph. All the links should have title attributes that match their text. The title of the page should be Great Britain .

Could to tell us which part you have problems with?
Please share your current work in an online editor like https://codepen.io. Then we can tell your how to improve your code specifically. Otherwise this just sounds like we are solving exercises for you :neutral_face:


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finally solved with my effort.