Universal Search and DuckDuckGo

Can Universal Search use DuckDuckGo instead of Bing and/or Yahoo?

Unfortunately not; DDG doesn’t have the sort of full-text search APIs that we use to make our recommendations. We’re big fans though, and would certainly consider it if they had a suitable data source.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for your answer. Does that mean if I use Universal Search I will be tracked by Bing and/or Yahoo, much like I would be if I used Google instead of DuckDuckGo?

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Not at all! Universal Search only makes requests to our server, which is open-sourced. When we do consult Bing or Yahoo, our server does that on your behalf. It acts as a middleman, so that they aren’t able to link anything to you or your computer, only our service.

We do collect a few metrics to help us better refine the add-on, but our data collection and retention policies are clear and work to protect your privacy.


Awesome! That’s great, thanks Chuck.

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I hope this is the right place. I just started Test Pilot. After a week - the one thing that I have missed ( and would love to have back) is the little search window that was located in the upper right of the tool bar. For instance, right now, if I wanted to search something and stay on this page…that little search window would be efficient. Typing directly into the url bar takes me away from the page. Overall, the search function isn’t too bad - but the missing small search window is beginning to interrupt my work flow.

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Yes, and Ctrl+K shortcut loads the about:home page completely disregarding the page that is loaded.

@delta and @asdofindia - removing that box was part of the Universal Search experiment. When you uninstall Universal Search it’s supposed to put it back, but I’ve run into that problem too. If you want to get it back, click the menu in the top right corner with the 3 horizontal lines on it, then at the bottom there is a “customize” option. Clicking that brings up an interface with all the widgets you can add – one of them is the search bar which you can drag back onto your toolbar.

Tried it in the past and tried it again now. The search bar promptly goes back to its place inside the customize menu once I restart firefox.

@asdofindia - I might be able to help you fix your profile.

Have you tried disabling all add-ons, then going into the Customize View, and trying to add the search bar? Some add-ons can interfere with the customization code.

Yes, some add-on is interfering with the customization code. And that add-on is universal search.