(Unofficial) JPM Changelog

As of this writing there has never been an official announcement or a changelog when a new version of JPM was released. As an add-on developer it’s pretty important to know when you have to update your tool, since many JPM releases contain crucial bug fixes. I want to try and compile changelogs whenever a new version of JPM is released.

Updating JPM to the latest version
Run npm update -g to update to the latest version of JPM.

1.0.7 (31.03.2016)

1.0.6 (22.02.2016)

1.0.5 (25.01.2016)

  • Update dependencies
  • Add --timeout option to jpm sign (Github issue)
  • Expose sign as JS method (Github issue)
  • Return filename of downloaded signed XPI (GitHub issue)
  • Restore old behavior of getManifest() (GitHub issue)
  • Directly inject install.rdf and bootstrap.js into the XPI instead of temporarily storing them in the extension directory (GitHub issue)
  • Support signing non-SDK extensions with jpm sign (GitHub issue)

1.0.4 (15.12.2015)

1.0.3 (18.10.2015)

1.0.2 (08.10.2015)

  • Always include install.rdf (GitHub issue)
  • Move package (and its dependencies) to mozilla-jetpack on GitHub
  • Update jpm-core version, fixes bootstrap.js not working with changed scoping behavior for let and const (GitHub issue)

1.0.1 (06.08.2016)

1.0.0 (31.03.2015)

  • Initial full release

These changelogs are mostly based on tag comparisons in the GitHub repository.


Thanks Martin, this is awesome. I’ve added this to our recognition page.

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1.1.0 just came out with official changelog: https://github.com/mozilla-jetpack/jpm/releases/tag/1.1.0
Thanks @kumar303 for that :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your work on the unofficial changelog! I copied a bit of it over to our releases page. Going forward, it should be easy to generate changelogs automatically from commits because we’ll be enforcing semantic messages. Details: https://github.com/mozilla-jetpack/jpm/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md