Unread count bug?


I’ve been observing this problem a few times. My unread count is clean but I go into a subcategory and I have unread topics.

Is that a known bug or it’s just me?

I’ve been noticing a few oddities too. I think some of them are down to ‘Watching’ only watching for new topics and new comments in new topics (but not new comments in topics started before you started watching). I also have a feeling that when you watch a parent category, you don’t also watch child categories, which is a bit weird.

I haven’t tested these two theories out yet, however.

I’m supposed to be tracking the subcategory, that should give me an unread count for new topics, right?

OK, it seems the unread topics appear under the New section if they are new topics.

I though the New section was for any kind of new topic, not just the ones I’m following, maybe I was wrong, I was expecting new topics on categories I’m tracking to be under unread too.

I’m still unable to know when I have new topics on the categories I track.

For example I’m tracking Reps - Events category which has a new topic but there is no way I get notified about this if I don’t go into the subcategory. /cc @majken @tad

BTW, I can’t upload the screenshot because Discourse is telling me:

Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

Moved categories since this is a bug.

Trying to upload an image now - yes, I’m also getting an issue with that.

I think most of us use the email notifications. I haven’t played much with the links you’re referencing. Are they not showing in the notification bubble at the very least?

The upload bug is known. @yousef and @tanner are working on a fix. It’s a buckets issue or something.

Tracking is supposed to give you some kind of notification for new topics (no email), but I don’t get any.

Ok, yes, I am tracking the Reps and the Mozillians forums.

I have found notifications next to the category name in the category page.

I also do see your new post about Mozlandia in my “New” list - https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/new

I’ve just set myself as tracking the Council AMA sub-category, so if you want to post a new thread in there, I can let you know if that shows up in my New/Unread pages as well.

I’m start thinking that the unread count next to the category name only works for categories and not for subcategories, because the topic I had unread from Reps - Events is no longer “new” and there is no indication that I haven’t read it.

Yes, I think that’s the case, but uploading should be working now if you wanted to share screenshots.

I’ve definitely just noticed this bug. I’m watching the reps category, but I never got a notification about this topic: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/make-reporting-faster-and-more-fun/1413

It appeared under “New”, and was marked as such, but I was never notified. I’m not sure whether it was unread, I didn’t check - but I don’t remember seeing a count next to “Unread”.


That’s probably because it was created under Reps - WebDev subcategory and I moved today to Reps to see if people get notified. It seems they didn’t.

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