Unsupported board type

Hi all, new to web things - I’ve been trying to install it on my RPi4 2gb using the raspberry pi download but it wasn’t creating a WiFi hotspot. Did some googling on the green flashing lights and it suggests that it’s an unsupported board type error - 4 long flashes and 4 short. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Strange, I’ve not had that problem with a Raspberry Pi 4.

Is the Wi-Fi hotspot the only thing that doesn’t work? If you plug the Pi into an Ethernet cable providing an IP via DHCP can you access setup using gateway.local? If you plug in a monitor and keyboard can you log in on the command line?

Thanks for your reply Ben. I’ve just plugged it into a monitor and I get some text and this seems to be the standout issue from what I can see start4.elf: is not compatible This board requires newer software