Use Discourse as a replacement for mailing lists


(Michal Stanke) #1

I realized Discourse allows to reply via e-mail quite good. Would it be possible to add some simple mailman-like UI and potentially use it as a replacement for current mailinglists? As a motivation I would see easier access to the history and a onboard price for newcomers or common public.

Seeing how Palemoon or Vivaldi work with the community, I think the Discourse forum would be great to promote and use even more as the central part for community/public communication backbone for Mozilla.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

I think that is one of the goal in discourse in a long term to replace few mailing lists with discourse. One the dev stuff probably will remain on mailman but the rest I think that will switch on discourse.

(Rubén Martín) #3

One of Discourse’s goals is to replace mailing-lists and during the last year they have shipped a lot of improvements in this front.

Do you have concrete examples of things you miss?

(Michal Stanke) #4

I am just missing some more simplistic UI version, to make the transition smoother for more conservative users, who are used to mailman+pipermail wait to read maillists without joining them.

(Leo McArdle) #5

It’s on my radar. Have you got any suggestions of how we might make the transition for the user from mailing lists to Discourse smoother?

(Janet Swisher) #6

I see that Discourse now supports being configured to allow starting threads via email. I know this feature has been mentioned in the past as a showstopper for many die-hard email users.

Has this instance of Discourse been configured to support that feature?

The MDN community is actively discussing consolidating its mailing lists, and I’d like to propose Discourse as an alternative to Mailman-based lists. So I’d appreciate a quick answer.

(Leo McArdle) #7

Indeed it has. If you go into a category and click on its about topic, there should be an email address included which you can email to start a topic:

Making these emails more accessible is also on my radar.

(Janet Swisher) #8

Cool, thanks for the tip! I may be bringing other questions about
replacing mailing lists as the discussion continues.

(Henrik Mitsch) #9

We’d love to hear them.
Getting the MDN Team onto this Discourse would be an awesome win. We (the
ParSys team) are willing to invest time and people power in supporting this


(Andrei Petcu) #10

I’m pretty new to the Mozilla community and I really like Discourse. I use mailing lists also but I consider Discourse superior. If there are people who really love GNU Mailman there is something that can bring more friendliness to Mailman: Hyperkitty.

Here is how it looks on the Fedora mailing lists. I personally prefer Discourse over GNU Mailman + Hyperkitty but I just wanted to list it as an option.