Use of Profanity In Extension Code Comments?

Does Mozilla have a policy on this?

I am working a fix for my extension a problem which occurs only in Google’s blogger editor.

Right now, I have a comment in there something to the effect of, “This is here because the a$$holes at Google have f%$#ed with Blogger, and I need a work around just for them. Google sucks wet f@rts from dead pigeons,” only I’m using only the Latinate alphabet equivalents.

So, my question is whether or not this would make the Mozilla review of my update fail.

My second question is whether using the bowdlerized equivalents shown above would be an issue.

Also, which words using in inline documentation of code are unacceptable:

  • Belgium (probably acceptable to all but the most hardcore of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fans)
  • F%$#, the F-Bomb.
  • Sh$#, referring to excrement.
  • F@rt, referring to flatulence.
  • C%$#, referring to a portion of a woman’s anatomy. (I’m a HARD no on this one)
  • George Carlin’s other Seven Dirty Words.
  • Wanker.
  • B%$#@, also refers to a female dog.
  • etc.

Normally, I would not put this in the comments, but the entire clusterf%$# that is Google’s blogger update has me completely losing my sh%$.

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There used to be a word filter, but due to too much conflict with other languages, it has been disabled.

In general, the most directly applying rule set for this specific topic is the Acceptable Use Policy (note that it does not consider itself complete, so better be safe than sorry). Which you inherit through the Add-on Policies (which in turn come from the Distribution Agreement). (This ignores any argument that may follow the use of the trademark words in your comment).

I’ll also point out that content here should follow the Participation Guidelines, especially the Derogatory Language section. I’d suggest to edit your post to not include specific examples.

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@freaktechnik’s guidance here is pretty on-point. :slight_smile: Based on what you’ve shared, these comments may not necessarily trigger a rejection, but it’s best to leave them out of the code and maybe save them for a separate venue for venting.

I ended up including my screed in the comments using the %%# obfuscation.

[quote=“msaroff, post:4, topic:71160”]
Yes they have policy