Useful Thunderbird Links

Putting this here for folks just getting started with Thunderbird. Here are my most useful Thunderbird links that help me contribute every day.

Useful Thunderbird Links:

Thunderbird Build and Code Documentation - Tutorials on how to build Thunderbird from source, and how to create an extension. Also includes API and protocol documentation.

Thunderbird Blog - Thunderbird project blog, you can even add it as an RSS feed in Thunderbird itself (so meta)!

Connect - where ideas can be posted and voted. Also a gathering place for general discussion.

Thunderbird Website - You can download the stable and beta builds on the website.

Thunderbird Daily Build on Mozilla FTP - This is where you can go to grab the daily experimental development builds. If you head up a directory you can get other Thunderbird builds.

Thunderbird Support Website - You can ask support questions here, find information on how to use Thunderbird and troubleshoot problems. It’s a great resource if you are getting started or having issues with the application and need help.

Create a Thunderbird Bug - This link drops you straight into the Thunderbird product on Mozilla’s Bugzilla. Here you can choose what part of the application you are having an issue with and report a bug.

Thundernest GitHub Page - Where the repository for the Thunderbird website lives.

Note: updated 2024-01-27


What a fantastic resource! The new website is already looking snazzy too.

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Can you pin this? I didn’t see it until just now. :slight_smile:

And now I’m confused, there’s the “PINNED MAR 19” note, but the topic doesn’t show a pin next to it in the topic list…

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@jerrac I’m not sure why it’s not showing up as pinned any longer, I re-pinned.

An upside down pin shows for me. But the topic is listed underneath a new post I just made…

It shows at the top of mine, but I’ve seen the behavior you are talking about before @jerrac

I see this behaviour also in the UK category. I think it might have to do with our access rights and/or with a signed in account. If you read it, the pin ‘unpins’. If you’re not signed in, it stays pinned.

Specifically that last option in: preferences >> interface


With that default though, any pinned posts will have been marked as ‘read’, and therefor unpinned. To pin them back you’d need to do so MANUALLY via the bottom of thread:


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You can also untick the automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom preference to prevent this behaviour happening for you in future.

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Perfect! I am looking forward to contributing to this community. Greetings!

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