Using letsencrypt staging environment in docker registration server How to?

Hello guys,
does anyone know how to setup the use of letsencrypt staging environment in the docker registration server? as i’m hitting the rate limit with production certificate generation during testing and it is recommended to staging environment for testing.
but i can’t figure out where to set the up the call…
basically using the below to generate the certs:
For staging:
For production:

The registration server doesn’t do anything directly with Let’s Encrypt. If you’re actually referring to the gateway, you’d have to change the source:

Thank you @mrstegeman, it would be great to expose this to the config.toml file and make it configurable as many of us do quite a bit of testing which will always push the rate limit for generating certs with letsencrypt.


Again, this has nothing to do with the registration server, which is where config.toml lives.

are you saying that when i try to create a sub domain during registration through my own as in the certificate is actually being generated at the gateway (PI) and not the registration server?

Yes, that’s correct.