Using the newly generated language model doesn't perform as expected


I’ve generated KenLM 4-gram language model binary file:

python scripts/ --input_txt data/librispeech-lm-norm.txt.gz --output_dir . --top_k 100000 --kenlm_bins ../kenlm/build/bin/ --arpa_order 4 --max_arpa_memory "85%" --arpa_prune "0|0|1" --binary_a_bits 255 --binary_q_bits 8 --binary_type trie

Download DeepSpeech native client and generate the scorer pkg:

tar xvf native_client.*.tar.xz
../deepspeech/generate_scorer_package --alphabet src/data/vocabularies/vocabulary.txt --lm lm.binary --vocab vocab-100000.txt --package kenlm.scorer --default_alpha 0.931289039105002 --default_beta 1.1834137581510284

My decoder is like this:

class BeamSearchDecoder:

    def __init__(self, vocab_path, scorer_path, beam_size = 32):
        self.alphabet = Alphabet(vocab_path)
        self.scorer = Scorer(alphabet = self.alphabet, scorer_path = scorer_path, alpha = 0.931289039105002, beta = 1.1834137581510284)
        self.beam_size = beam_size

    def decode(self, outputs, seq_lengths):
        return ctc_beam_search_decoder_batch(probs_seq = outputs, seq_lengths = seq_lengths, alphabet = self.alphabet,
                                       scorer = self.scorer, beam_size = self.beam_size, num_processes = 1)

# Decoder
decoder = BeamSearchDecoder("data/vocabularies/chars.txt", "../kenlm.scorer")

And during inference (where outputs are the logarithmized probabilities):

# SxBxA => BxSxA
outputs = torch.exp(outputs).cpu().transpose(0, 1)

if decoder is not None:
    res = outputs.roll(-1, -1).numpy()
    res = decoder.decode(res, bundle.features_size.squeeze(1).cpu().numpy())

My vocabulary:

classes = " 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
text_file = open("chars.txt", "w", encoding='utf-8')

The blank label is 0, that’s why outputs.roll(-1, -1) is used to roll to the left as such as the blank label is the last one now.

The results from the decoder:

Beam Search Decoder (it’s totaly wrong):
[(-2384.23876953125, ‘akdmrno’)]

Greedy Decoder:
mark my words you’ll find him cwo strong for you i and two deep

mark my words you’ll find him too strong for you aye and too deep

Do the alphabets match exactly? You can also join us on Mozilla’s Matrix to get realtime help.

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@ftyers Everything got resolved, and yes, I think the problem was with the alphabet, especially with the file encoding. Re-did all the steps again and it worked everything well.

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