UUID different in someone else's machine?

(Mike) #1

Just publishing an app this week for the first time on AMO. I set the id in the manifest to something like an email address. I assumed a UUID would be generated based on this and would stay the same, but I’m finding in some cases a different UUID, notably right now on someone else’s machine.

In order to keep the same UUID do I need to set it in the manifest?

Also, why is it changing?

(Martin Giger) #2

What UUID are you referring to? An extension has two IDs when installed, one is the actual extension ID which should be referring to the one you set in the manifest (or assigned to your extension when it was signed on AMO if there was none in the manifest). The other one, which is the one you see in the moz-extension URLs for example is profile specific. This is to avoid a couple of privacy leaks.

(Mike) #3

Yes I meant the internal one, I added it on a server as a cors origin. But if it will be different for each profile I guess I should disable cors.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

(Martin Giger) #4

Yeah, with Firefox extensions there’s no reliable origin to whitelist. I’d recommend getting the host permission for your API host in the extension, so it is unaffected by CORS restrictions on your host.

(Mike) #5

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense!