Validation failure and warnings

(Daniel Naber) #1

I have two issues with validation:

  • I get a validation failure when using Javascript’s spread operator (...), even though it seems to work fine in the code. Do I need to remove the use of that operator or is this a bug in the validator?
  • I get Unsafe assignment to innerHTML warnings in external libraries. How should I deal with those? I don’t want to touch external code, but my add-on has become more complex and I cannot simply do without external libraries.

This will be the first update for my add-on after the new review approach and I’m concerned it might be rejected after being published.

(erosman) #2

I use it and no problem.

That depends. It shows that the library is not recognised. Such warnings do not happen on recognised libraries.

If yours is one of those, then make sure it is untouched and matches the hash checksum of the original.

If it is not, then it has to be checked.

(Daniel Naber) #3

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe it’s the way I use it? Validator complains about column 64, which is the beginning of ...:

lastCheckResult = Object.assign({}, lastCheckResult, { ...msg, isProcess: false });

Okay, but what exactly does that mean now? I understand any add-on will be published immediately and the review will follow later. What would happen if the reviewer considered my use of the library not conforming to the rules (which seem to be not specific enough for the case of external libraries)?

(erosman) #4

Then it will be rejected.

(Daniel Naber) #5

But what does this mean, considering it has been published already? Will the users who already have the update be downgraded? Or will they stay on the update until a new update addresses the reviewer’s issues?

(erosman) #6

The new system is quite new and I personally don’t know how it works out but an add-on can be rejected after the auto-approval. @jorgev should know the details about what happens after an add-on is rejected…