Can some1 suggest solution for this. I am running on Ubuntu 18.04 command python3 --train_files /home/stass/latvian1/clips/train.csv --test_files /home/stass/latvian1/clips/test.csv
and getting error
ValueError: Cannot feed value of shape (256,) for Tensor ‘layer_6/bias/Initializer/zeros:0’, which has shape ‘(29,)’

Mismatching alphabet. Ensure you pass --alphabet_config_path properly.

hello , Stanislavs_Davidovics:
having you resolve this error? I face the same error, im trying to train korean model , and im sure --alphabet_config_path properly, now i dont know what to do next , do you have any idears?

@Stanislavs_Davidovics Did you solve this issue, I am facing same issue. Please help here.

ValueError: Cannot feed value of shape (29,) for Tensor ‘layer_6/bias/Initializer/zeros:0’, which has shape ‘(48,)’

Actually i have updated my alphabet.txt and now it has 48 character, previously default english alphabet text file has 29 character

So, does anyone cares about my answer ? You all have mismatching alphabets.

Yes, I have passed alphabet config path properly.

But you explicitely said you changed it. As documented, if you change the alphabet you either need to retrain from scratch or use transfer learning for dropping some layers.

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hello lissyx : im train my own korean deepspeech model, you means i have to use my own datasets and kenlm tool to generate to kenlm.scorer fisrt and then update the alphabet.txt ? do have any tutorial for train non-English model? if you i have some case ,i will understand how to train other language model more quickly , thank you !


We have extensive documentation, please read it and file issues if it’s not clear / covering enough.

thanks for your reply and i will try again later!

zhangpeng_K hello, I am still dealing with alphabet.txt issue and import_CV2.PY, As soon I overcome I will tell if I manage to overcome this issue

firstly , as @lissyx said, you must ensure your ds version and and ds_ctcdecoder are same, and then ,if you add some new alphbet into alphabet.txt , you must have to rebuild 、lm.binary with kenlm tool ,and then use the generate_trie to generate trie binary , finally update the train shell (the path of the files you have updated). following is my environment:
(deepspeech-venv) (base) zhangp@zhangp:~/tmp/deepspeech-venv$ pip list
Package Version

absl-py 0.9.0
astor 0.8.1
attrdict 2.0.1
audioread 2.1.8
beautifulsoup4 4.8.2
bs4 0.0.1
certifi 2019.11.28
cffi 1.14.0
chardet 3.0.4
decorator 4.4.2
deepspeech-gpu 0.6.1
ds-ctcdecoder 0.6.1
gast 0.2.2
google-pasta 0.1.8
grpcio 1.27.2
h5py 2.10.0
idna 2.9
joblib 0.14.1
Keras-Applications 1.0.8
Keras-Preprocessing 1.1.0
librosa 0.7.2
llvmlite 0.31.0
Markdown 3.2.1
mock 4.0.2
numba 0.48.0
numpy 1.18.1
opt-einsum 3.1.0
pandas 1.0.1
pip 20.0.2
pkg-resources 0.0.0
progressbar2 3.47.0
protobuf 3.11.3
pycparser 2.19
python-dateutil 2.8.1
python-utils 2.3.0
pytz 2019.3
pyxdg 0.26
requests 2.23.0
resampy 0.2.2
scikit-learn 0.22.2
scipy 1.4.1
semver 2.9.1
setuptools 45.2.0
six 1.14.0
SoundFile 0.10.3.post1
soupsieve 2.0
sox 1.3.7
tensorboard 1.15.0
tensorflow-estimator 1.15.1
tensorflow-gpu 1.15.0
termcolor 1.1.0
urllib3 1.25.8
webrtcvad 2.0.10
Werkzeug 1.0.0
wheel 0.34.2
wrapt 1.12.0

hello @Stanislavs_Davidovics: i dont use to resolve alphabet.txt, i just rely the tutorial , and zhen write my own code to generate alphabet.txt samed with the offical, now i can train my own model ,if you have some experiences ,we can communicate any time ,thanks!

Finally solved, by re building language model .arpa and .binary and trie with modified alphabet file. and then used newly built LM .binary and trie to train model.
It worked. Thanks.
*I have used DeepSpeech 0.6.1 and setup kenlm build using python.

Hi lissyx, I need more detail clarification about your above reply

  1. Can you point me to the document you mention above
  2. When you say “need to retrain from scratch” what is it that need to be retrained from scratch? And how to go about this.


Hi Zhangpeng_K,

Can you explain the following:

  1. How to rebuild and lm.binary with kenlm tool?
  2. Why do you need to rebuild and im.binary?
  3. Why do you still need to generate trie binary when you have the kenlm.scorer package?

Thanks and appreciate your insights!

Same, this is all in TRAINING doc and data/lm

I went through DeepSpeech’s Training your own model and also data/lm’s readme files many times but it doesn’t give any explanation as to why you need to build .arpa and .binary. The DeepSpeech’s training section is also quiet about this part. How do you link those 2 pieces of guide together to provide a better understanding on what’s going on when you have new alphabet to add in?

Decoding requires knowing the alphabet. Your vocabulary gets translated into the lm.binary file. So changing the alphabet will mean your lm.binary is invalid.