Video Tips for the Firefox for Families Campaign

Hello all!

If you are taking part in the Firefox for Families campaign and you are planning to send us a video, these are the guidelines.

Videos can be recorded with a Phone, Camera or via Zoom. If you are using a Phone make sure you are recording horizontally. It is preferred that participants choose as quiet a location as possible to ensure good sound quality. Also, try to speak as close to the microphone as possible.

Participants should film themselves in a horizontal orientation, from the chest up. Your face should be centered in the frame, with a small amount of space around the head. See the example below:
Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 11-29-55 BTS - Video Requirements and Comms

Green screens in the background are not recommended as it can take a lot of effort to have the lighting right. Instead, we recommend a dark or blurry background. To record, a tripod is recommended. If available, use the “HD” setting (or similar) on your webcam.

There is no dress code but try to avoid thin stripes or patterns; cameras don’t like that. Please also try to avoid brand name logos on clothing.

Here you can find some good guides on taking your own videos with your home computer

The videos shouldn’t be longer than 1 minute.

In those videos, we are looking for the participants to give safety tips for kids online. We are primarily looking for parents to share their personal experiences.

The ask for the participants is: “Share with the rest of the community your tip on how to keep your kid’s experience online safe. Record a video of yourself with your favorite online safety tip for kids.”

Thanks for taking part in our campaign!