Wait Time Unusual & Approved + Awaiting Review CP Message

(Ben) #1

Hi Mozilla Guru’s,

I know reviewers are volunteers… I’m just wondering if a 2 month add-on review wait time is normal or if there’s a problem with my Mozilla Addon for Firefox. Nothing has been flagged in my account (no errors or warnings). Part of my account says “Listed Versions” Approved. But my part of my account says “Status: Awaiting Review”. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/slibstream/versions …So my addon isn’t yet public.

Addon Name: Slibstream

Any help appreciated.


(erosman) #2

Please always give the AMO URL and not your edit page URL which is not accessible.

Add-on was auto-approved on May 10, 2018 and it is available to download.

There could be an error somewhere.
Anyway, there is an issue with the add-on. Please fix it and resubmit. Hopefully the error will be cleared as well.

@jorgev I cant review the addon (no option)

(Andreas Wagner) #3

Sorry for the issues. I just corrected your status. It should be working fine now.

(Ben) #4

[Solved] Thank you for the advice and correction Andreas and Erosman.